December 12 2019 astrology uranus retrograde

January 12222's Planetary Retrograde Calendar Is Proof That The Year Will Be Off To A Good Start

However, the last time they joined in the zodiac sign of Capricorn was years ago.


Whether it is recognized or not, current trends are a conclusion of many years, and there is a rebirth underway. The new cycle is to be welcomed, and it is calling everyone, including the entire global community, to a higher level of accountability. Look to your personal life. In what way, where and how have you been called to get real, step up, contribute and participate?

Extraordinary Week! URANUS CAZIMI! Pluto Retrograde! Weekly Horoscope for the 12 Signs - April 22-28

In terms of timing, Pluto is going direct at 20 degrees, having first passed over this point in It may be helpful to revisit and consider the disruptions and challenges of last year. At that time, an in-between limbo opened with the stark realization.

december 12222

From now on, as Saturn and Pluto approach their exact conjunction in , we are entering a moment by moment regeneration phase. A Full Moon on October 13 shines light on these themes within the context of relationship.

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First, Sun in Libra supports collaboration, cooperation and synergy. However, with the Moon in Aries, individuality and self-reliance are amplified. Conversations and decisions can be derailed through projection, blame, and black and white thinking. The chart for this Full Moon shows major implications on the national and world stage. Key alliances can strengthen while others fall away. After all, Libra represents the diplomatic peacemaker. Adding an interesting twist to this complex dynamic, Mars, the planet of aggression enters Libra on October 4, just as Mercury goes retrograde and Pluto goes direct.

Independent and proactive Mars may be forced to consider other points of view, identify blocks, and bend to teamwork. Remaining in Libra through November 18, the next two months are very important in terms of negotiation on the national and global levels. Of course, there will be those leaders and countries listening to the drumbeat for war, while others look to diplomatic solutions in the effort to avoid all out confrontation.

This shows a clear distinction between forces promoting toxicity and corruption, and powers promoting honesty, optimism and sustainability. Sun in Scorpio will be the "back-up plan". Have you ever planned for something - then "just-in-case" you had the brilliant idea to have a back-up plan as a just-in-case.

Well the plans you thought were concrete - will have revealed themselves to be sand-castles - hence the back-up will have to happen.

Astro Predictions :

Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto in Mar 5, PM, Mercury Retrograde, Mercury . Dec 12, AM, Full Moon in Gemini, Full Moon. Monthly Astro Calendar December , Astrology Horoscope Calendar Online, Monthly Horoscope Calendar, December - Retrograde motion, Sign entries, Full & New Moons Dec 26, , New Moon, Capricorn Uranus.

Great philosophers have long debated - what's more intriguing "in life" - the infinite solar system and beyond - trillions of miles away OR a living person - the intricacies, complexities and power of your mind and soul. Instead "they" focus their attention on something futile, meaningless, temporary and in essence "dead". Mars in Libra will be in the 12th house to Sun in Scorpio - this means that "finally" inexplicable karmic situations are happening and will continue to unfold - in order to clear-out the garbage and dead-leaves amongst humanity.


All out-dated and "old" ways of thinking must now be discarded - like the leaves falling from a tree. Then you'll see the Divine destined back-up plan unfold for humanity during Sun in Scorpio - with special emphasis on the brilliant karmic Full Moon in Taurus on 12th November - proving that although "mankind" thinks it's "in control" - the reality is DESTINY is in control and has a plan for each and everyone on Earth.

Sun in Scorpio. Altough Saturn in Capricorn defines destiny in it's natural home - Saturn - defines that the pathway of destiny isn't straight forward - it will get you to the right destination - even if means you have to take the most unusual, seemingly haphazard pathway. The good news is nothing will get in your way - and if you sense a blockage in front of you - you'll be able to circumvent all negativity, problems and blockages.

You might not realize it "yet" - but soon you will - that Sun in Scorpio is going to make your life worth living - as it brings you and gives you your DESTINY in the most unusual and yet in the easiest way possible - with minimum of stress, confusion and pain. Scorpio energies begin on Thursday 3rd October Beginning of Life-Changing - Mysterious things happening.

Planets in Scorpio - opposing - Uranus in Taurus.

Daily Horoscopes/Astro Highlights for each Sign:

Autumn ["Fall"] of Magnetism and Excitement! Rarely is Scorpio defined as "exciting" - but the 4 planets in Scorpio - opposing - Uranus in Taurus - means that everyone on Earth will be energized by the planet of unexpected shocks and surprises to ensure - that everyone finally has the life-changing change - which will create long-term stability for the next 7 years - defined by - Uranus in Taurus. Mercury - creates thoughts - positive thinking - which creates action, determination and a lot of energy for communication to the RIGHT people - it will ensure you catch-up with yourself and get re-connected to everyone you're destined to be connected to.

Venus Capricorn conjunct Saturn Capricorn.

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Full Moon in Gemini Closing up dualities. Chiron direct in Aries Taking the lead on self-healing.

Planetary Data

Mars Scorpio trine Neptune Pisces. Venus Capricorn conjunct Pluto Capricorn. Jupiter Capricorn trine Uranus Taurus Unexpected luck! Mars Scorpio sextile Saturn Capricorn.

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Chinese astrology differs from Western astrology. Not every person is right for us in this moment. The karmic nature of retrograde motion suggests you feel different or cut off from others because of events in your past lives. This is a time when you are being asked to focus on solutions specific to you. Your writing projects get promotions. The use of the color and number information is obvious, but how do you use the directions? It sounds dramatic, but you can lessen the tension considerably throughout the year by keeping your love life open-hearted.

Mercury Sagittarius square Neptune Pisces. Venus enters Aquarius Attracting the unconventional. Sun enters Capricorn Spotlight on leadership. Mars Scorpio sextile Pluto Capricorn.