Horoscope december 27 2019 scorpio

Your daily horoscope: December 27

This is a time of completing old chapters and getting ready for a fresh calling.

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Another point of contemplation, the stars ask us to look carefully at our emotional boundaries and how we arrange ourselves in relationship to others. We may notice that we are responsible for keeping people at a distance, or are responsible for letting them run roughshod over us. The healthier our boundaries, the closer we can let people to us, and engage our community in a way that still works for us.

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Any imbalance here will be painfully obvious. Passions run high as begins. Venus begins the year in in Mars-rules Scorpio, bright in the morning sky and in our hearts.

Feelings run deep, defenses are strong, solitude is lovely, but isolation is not, so reach out. A new chapter begins on January 2 as an enthusiastic Moon-Jupiter conjunction stirs new direction, confrontations, and a fresh sense of possibility and determination. Friday, December 28 : After early grumbles as the Moon opposes Mars, open the heart to an existential ache and a range of deep feeling.

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Find moments for art that touches the heart as Venus sextiles Pluto under a peace-loving Libra moon. Find nonverbal ways of expressing feelings. We need to feel emotional honesty, not talk about it. If a desire to accomplish competes with a need for rest and peace, feed the peace. Sunday, December 30 : Get the socializing in early, make arrangements and adjustments this afternoon as the Moon opposes Uranus.

Be prepared for a change in plans, a sudden shift of the agenda. Things may be moving a bit too fast for you today. Make sure you're continuing at your own pace, so don't get pushed into something you don't want to do.


Eliminate all of the fear you may have! You'll find that the more receptive and accepting you are, the more opportunities will come your way.

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Have faith in yourself and in what you do by not falling prey to whatever the crowd is doing. You're a good teacher, and are happy to be a mentor to others. But by the end of the day you may feel more like a kindergarten teacher than anything else.

Horoscope Readings for December 27 – January 3,

Be sure to express your gratitude and help someone else in your turn. Cash flow is likely to improve significantly. This is also a good time to plan for expensive purchases because though you will earn a lot, you will find it difficult to save much money. To unfold what lies further ahead, take a look at your Scorpio weekly and Scorpio monthly horoscope.

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