Mars and saturn in cancer vedic astrology


Also, the researchers, philosophers, teachers, philanthropist and even entrepreneurs with the intention of serving humanity are the examples of people who finally understood the Saturn's principle. In essence, in my opinion, Saturn is the driving force behind the process when we undo the things we did in the first half of our life and gain some wisdom. Saturn at material level loves rules.

Therefore, laws that govern the functioning of societies come under Saturn's influence. Typically in the birth charts of lawyers and judges Saturn is likely to be a prominent planet. Among the twelve zodiac signs Saturn rules Capricorn and Aquarius. Saturn becomes exalted in Libra, and becomes extremely weak in Aries.

While the earth and air signs are most suitable for Saturn to reside, a fire or water sign is generally not good for Saturn to reside. Among the planets, in general, his friends are Mercury, Venus and to some extent Jupiter. Among the modern planets depending on the placing of Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto they can be either complementary or opposites. For those who have dominant and positive Saturn in their birth chart are likely to experience dramatic changes in their lives on Saturdays, and black is their lucky color.

Following is a list of adjectives and nouns that describe the Saturn's characteristics. Darkness, misfortune, secrecy, hardship, loss, longevity, death, delays, old age, poverty, problems, obstructions, sorrow, unhappiness, mourning, destruction, shrinkage, toughness, unlucky, lifeless, dust, renunciation of material things, limitations, denial, disappointment, dispute, difficulty, obstacles, hindrances, differences, plodding, perseverance, savings, endurance, thrift, self control, sense of duty, concentration, meditation, prayers, calculative, fall, negotiations,.

Chronic illness, bones, rheumatism, tuberculosis, leprosy, paralysis, muteness. Thin built, slender, bony, pale, older looking for his age, deep set eyes. Old buildings, slums, leather and shoe factories, slaughter houses, lead, iron, steel, oil, petroleum products, wool, hair, nails, tortoise,. Labor, labor problems, famine, floods, wars, difficult time, depression, loss of material, bankruptcy, lawyers, judges, industrialists, reformers, famous political figures.


Pluto in Leo Personality. What roles does Saturn fill in your chart? Would you please comment something on it along with some remedies? So if it occupies a Negative House, it is not desirable. Favorable placement of Sun ensures success in life particularly in the field of job or profession. Dosa is canceled. Saturn does not like going against Rules.

Saturdays, black color. By occupying a certain house in the natal chart, the influence of Saturn on an individual is summarized below. However, it must be remembered that a specific inference and subsequent astrological interpretation will depend on several other factors such as disposition of other planets with respect to Saturn, and their relationship among each other through house ownership and aspects.

Until he reaches his age thirty six, he probably goes through a series of difficult times. There are often " delays " in his life. He is likely to get married late in his life.

Saturn Mars Conjunction in Vedic Astrology by Punneit

In association with the unfavorable planets in the first house, his troubles in his life are intensified and last long. Second House: The second house Saturn makes one very pragmatic, practical, and conservative when it comes to handling money. He is a hard working, quiet person who wouldn't spend a penny unless he has given a serious thought over the matter. With Jupiter in the second house, he is unlikely to experience any financial trouble in his life. With Venus in the second house, he probably will accumulate a lot of wealth.

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Know about what happened when Saturn enter in Cancer. Read Saturn in Cancer positive and negative effect in your sign life, Saturn in Karka Rashi. The conjunction of Saturn and Mars is not considered positive in Vedic Astrology. Natives with this combination are often inclined towards bad habits such as.

He is normally a calm and peaceful person. He is patient, courageous, and only takes a calculated risk. He usually does well in his life. He is likely to have sad childhood memories.

The Two Heavy Weights creating the Yama/Death Yoga

He is very clever, political, intelligent, diplomatic, and a realist. He is skeptical, suspicious, and perhaps unreliable. He is very patient, and usually successfully pursues his educational ambition. With Mercury, Jupiter, and Uranus in the first, or in the ninth house of his birth chart, he can achieve a very high career goal in his life. Also, this Saturn is good for pursuing a career in law.

In general, the person is easily misunderstood, has a natural tendency to create enemies, and has no difficulty in getting himself involved in a fight. As a result, he is always worried and annoyed. In addition, he faces a lot of obstacles and misfortunes in his life. Stability arrives late in life.

Saturn in Cancer – Saturn in Karka Rashi - Vedic Astrology

He is likely to have a poor health, long illnesses, arthritis, and perhaps likely to experience a paralysis attack. Seventh House: The person with Saturn in the seventh house usually gets married late in life. With Mars or Uranus in the seventh house he is very likely to have problems in his marriage, and probably end up with a divorce or two. With Neptune in the seventh house he is unlikely to get married.

However, he may have to face a series of obstacles, unnecessary situations, and delays in his life. With a planet like Mars or Uranus in the eighth house he is likely to remain mired in a constant financial and physical struggle in his life. He is generally intelligent, just, and patient. He is likely to become a lawyer, a religious authority, or a research scientist. It might take all his life to achieve it, but he will be successful and become somebody worth remembering after he is long gone. He is ambitious, egoistic, and very shrewd. He enjoys social prestige.

He may not get along with his father. Eleventh House: The eleventh house Saturn is good for pursuing a career in law. This makes the planet very powerful and increases the person's success.

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Dhana Yoga: Wealth-producing combinations. The ruler of house 1, 2, 5, 9, or 11 in mutual aspect to the ruler of another of these five houses. Raja Yoga: There are many configurations that create these "kingly yogas", but the predominant ones are the ruler of a Trikona 1, 5, 9 in mutual aspect usually in the same sign or opposite sign as the ruler of either another Trikona, or a Kendra 1, 5, 7, The most powerful Raja Yogas occur when there is a mutual aspect or association between the lords of the 9th and 10th houses, or the lords of the 4th and 5th houses.

Principles for Qualifying Yogas Finding yogas in a person's chart is an essential part of Vedic horoscopic analysis. Positive yogas show where a person has their greatest gifts and achievements, while negative yogas indicate the areas of most challenge. A simple rule: Where will the blessings of a positive yoga occur?

For the house themes of the house where the yoga-forming planets reside. For example, if a person has a powerful yoga in the 4th house, they may own wonderful homes, or drive great cars, or come from a revered lineage, or have a deep understanding of psychology, or have an amazing mother, or any other 4th house theme might be enhanced, depending upon the nature of the planets involved.

Yogas vary in their impact upon a person's life. It is important to determine how effectively each yoga is going to operate. I am calling this process qualifying yogas. After finding yogas in a person's chart, we need to assess to what degree each yoga will manifest by examining additional conditions. There are many different factors to evaluate. In most cases, what makes a good yoga more fortuitous is the opposite of what makes a bad yoga more difficult.

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Relationship of Yoga-Forming Planets to the Specific Ascendant of the Chart Vedic astrologers understand that planets perform differently for each Ascendant. In fact, this is the basis of the concept of functional or temporal benefics and malefics. Jupiter does not function well for Libra and Taurus Venus Ascendants because of the houses it rules for each Lagna. For Taurus rising, Jupiter rules the 8 th and 11 th houses; for Libra rising, Jupiter rules the 3 rd and 6 th houses. Positive yogas formed by Jupiter for these Ascendants have less potency. This illustrates how important the Ascendant's influence is upon the effectiveness of yogas.

The following table shows the most productive and least productive planets for each Ascendant. Login Sign Up. Go step by step. Until you have mastered one step, do not move to the next.

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Do not just read, but apply these principles on your own horoscope In the begining, just pay attention to just reading and analyzing a birth chart, rather can drafting one. Go in the same order of lessons as is provided here. Practice and more practice. Mars Saturn Conjunction These two are the most influential malefic energies in a horoscope. And when they sit together, their force may become destructive thus problems are obvious. The conjunction of Saturn and Mars is not considered positive in Vedic Astrology.