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This yoga is possible for Gemini lagna and Libra lagna. Then, the Moon occupying its exalted navamsa will be in a trikona-bhava from a strong Mercury. Mars in its own sign in the house of gains 11th house or in the 7th, casting its aspect on the lagna while occupying an unfriendly but a benefic navamsa can make one an unforgiving undisputed undefeated despot.

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In the case of Gemini lagna the person will be a very wealthy ruler, and in the case of Libra lagna the person will be an all-conquering emperor. And, for example,.

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Is it good to use Vimshottari Dasa according to original order of exaltations? If you could escape misfortune by wearing shiny rocks and 'fasting' once a week with juices and herbal teas, the law of karma, ie action and reaction, would not be coherent. Now I explain how this order makes the Nakshatra system clear. I am now facing various financial, physical and mental problems. Janampatra Prabodhsamhita Manasagari Edition. Many consider the death-signifying planets, the marakas, and the kharesha or the lord of the 22nd drekkana falling in the 8th house or the one ruling the 64th navamsha from the moon, or the sign lord ruling the mandi or gulika sign, etc.

Vaishesika-amsa is attained when a planet not in its debilitation sign or combust or defeated in grahyuddha avoiding a trika-bhava 6th, 8th or 12th happens to occupy all ten own, friendly or exalted vargas sub-divisions of a sign. As per Jaimini the financial status of a person is indicated by the Lagnarudha and its lord. Arudha lagna associated with benefics gives wealth, if the 2nd house from this lagna is occupied by Venus, Moon and Jupiter or if the Arudha rasi of the 7th house happens to be a kendra or trikona or the 3rd or 11th from Lagnarudha the person will be very wealthy.

Poverty is indicated if the Arudha rasi of the 7th falls on the 6th, the 8th or the 12th from Lagnarudha. There will be destruction of wealth through association with women of ill-repute if the 9th from Karakamsa is joined by Rahu. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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What are lords through houses in Astrology?

Ramakrishna Bhat. Fundamentals of Astrology. Motilal Banarsidass. Planets and Their Yoga Formations. New Delhi: Pigeon Books India. Archived from the original on How to judge a Horoscope Vol.

The education and the intelligence of a person are determined by the planets in this house. The fourth house of the horoscope is for the matru-sthan. This house proves how will be the relationship of the person with his or her mother.

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This house shows how the old age will be of the person. Some bad planets in this house can bring in false allegations. The house also signifies health. The fifth house in a horoscope is called the Vidya sthan or the putra sthan.

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This is a very critical house. It also shows how the children will be. This house shows if one will have a lot of enemies or not. This house also proves health concerns.

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If there is a strong planet in this house then one will suffer from mental tension. The seventh house in the natal chart of a person is called the Bharya sthan or the maraca sthan. This place indicates the married life. If there is a good planet in this house then the person will get a good wife or husband. They will have a happy and blissful married life. This house also states if the person will have any divorce and broken marriages. The planets in this house indicate diseases related to the private parts.

The eighth house is called the Mrutyu sthan. The eighth house is a very important house. It indicates if one will suffer from very bad disease or not. This also indicates how if someone will get dowry or not from in laws.

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A weak planet in this house may even lead to imprisonment. This house also shows how one will die. Saturn: as the lord of 10th and 11th houses Saturn becomes bad planet or malefic. As the Lagna lord Mars and Saturn are enemies, as per this rule also, Saturn gives bad results. Rahu and Ketu will give results depending on their placement.

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