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The evolutionary intentions are to express his authentic voice instead of relying on belief system of the family. If he relied too heavily on the family's belief system, he would have remained in an insecure state unable to express his own voice. Again, the North Node in Capricorn in the third house reflects the evolutionary intentions to emotionally mature via the expression of his authentic ideas and voice. This indicates that JFK took charge of his special destiny via assuming the role of leadership Saturn in Leo. His presidency served to inspire others to serve the greater good and to take control of our special destiny as a country via the natural principles of giving, sharing, and inclusion.

Additionally, he often spoke of creating country in which these natural laws are promoted through the family structure Saturn in Cancer and the ninth house.

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Through his role of leadership he was able to emotionally mature via accepting responsibility for his own life direction and path and actualizing it via self-determination. In this way, JFK helped families take control of their reality as well. Saturn in Cancer and the ninth house also reflects a progressive internalization of emotional truth e. An automatic emotional maturity will occur through speaking and speaking this emotional truth.

This is a core evolutionary intention reflected by the North Node in Capricorn in the third house. The nodal axis is very important to understand because, as mentioned above, it reflects how the Soul will consciously make the transition from the evolutionary past the future. Again, the evolutionary desires of the past are reflected by Pluto's natal position.

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This is radical self-care; this is astrology as fierce compassion towards a more loving world. It is a lot to be scapegoat, hero, central figure in so many ways. Jeffrey Wolf Green has emphasized that this humbling is needed in order to make adjustments to overly willful and inflated desires, a potential that is very possible when dealing with the dynamic combination of Jupiter with Uranus. Karma and the Astrological Approach How do we identify Karma in a chart? It has long been understood that aligning your desires with the astrological symbols of the moment can bring you closer to them. Planet which is responsible for your physical wellbeing is the planet with the second highest longitudinal degrees. How do we participate in this sacred role?

The South Node of the Moon represents the Soul's prior egocentric structure, and how the Soul has consciously integrated the lessons and desires of the past. In the same way, the North Node is the Soul's evolving, or forming, egocentric structure. The Soul will use the North Node to consciously integrate the evolutionary lessons of the current life reflected by Pluto's polarity point. Thus, the specific dynamics and areas that the Soul will focus on to make its specific and unique evolutionary transition are symbolized by the nodal axis. The Soul's self-image changes in fundamentally positive ways as this transition is made.

This is because repetitive behavior can be transmuted, and new emotional patterns brought into light as a new self-image is born. X OOPS!

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Modern theorists, noting the holographic quality of DNA i.

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By Donald Miles on Apr 16, By Michael Pinchera on Apr 22, Overall, it is very good, and I look forward to more.

Evolutionary Astrology: Pluto and Your Karmic Mission

I so very appreciate Jeffrey Wolf Green's contribution to the art of astrology, and respect him as a person. There is a bit of a tendency to sanctify him. I'm not sure that he would support, or heed that. By Tamara on May 16, Love EA and I find the technique most accurate. Journal is amazing containing lots of information.

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